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The Truth Comes Out

Just a little background on me, for those who don’t know. I’m a tech enthusiast who, not too long ago, became entranced with mobile tech around the time the first iPod came out. Sure, I’ve had plenty of personal gadgets before. I owned several portable cassette players, and when they were first released, the Sony Discman. I owned the first and second generations of those. I moved with the tech and picked up on mp3 players. I got a free one with our DSL service thru Big Red many, many years ago. It was one of those Creative Labs things that was basically a AAA battery case attached to a flash drive with a headphone jack built in. It had a whopping 128Mb capacity. Then the iPod Shuffle came out. This is where I was intrigued by the little device, but also turned off. I didn’t like the premium price and I certainly didn’t like the non-replaceable battery. “Apple is moving towards making these expensive toys disposable!” I cried. I still think that is the case, but I have since been working a much better job and I have more disposable income to entertain myself with.

Fast forward to today. I still am intrigued with Apple’s innovations but I’m also still turned off by the premium price of many of their products. There are still alternatives to get, but now that I’m in the midst of mobile tech, those alternatives are no longer cheap knock offs. They’re serious competitors to Apple and each other. I’d like to mention here that I declared webos fanboyism, officially and shortly after HP’s acquisition of Palm. But I never was a fan of HP. I left T-Mobile to get my hands on webos and the only thing I’ve ever bought from HP was the Touchpad. And no, I didn’t buy it after the fire sale. I thought it was very much worth the $400 I initially paid for it. That’s not to say I couldn’t appreciate the refund of the difference after HP killed the product line.

But now I’m ready to move forth. I love webos and everything it’s done to appease my attention deficit. Yes, multitasking is what I crave. Rather than learning to focus, I’ve been indulging in a more scattered workflow. It’s not the most productive way to approach things, but I don’t use these gadget for work. They’re purely for my entertainment. I’ve accepted that there’s no reason anyone would again, purchase a dead (and very mismarketed) technology, excepting the obvious – Palm’s patent portfolio would be handy in this age of patent infringement. HP may not care to use it to generate revenue, but one of their former competitors might.

So before I get lost in my ramblings, I shall begin my rant.


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