I Never Thought I’d be in This Position

But I’m still here, and I’m still screwing around with mobile consumer tech. I’m not off meeting up and geek crushing on my favorite tech peeps in the tech world, but I am still able to play around with some really exciting tech toys. Since my last post, I’ve really dabbled in lots of things, from my brief obsession with power bricks to my latest foray in mobile phones and also my growing obsession with Kickstarter projects. It’s been a wild ride and I don’t think I’ll get off anytime soon. I may however, start up a new blog. I’m not sure yet. Because I still want to document my experiences. I know nobody reads this except for me (and maybe a select few who stumble across my occasional post). But there are so many things I want to write about. But all in due time.

Tomorrow marks another landmark event in my tech world. I am leaving iOS (and an over-inflated cell bill) for the Galaxy Note 3. I want to snatch one up while it’s still “the new hotness.” Freaking Android phones (especially from Samsung) are released en masse, it seems. I mean, the Note 2 isn’t even a year old yet, is it? And now Samsung is releasing the “Round” phone, which is a Note 3 without a stylus… So I’m not concerned too much about that. Plus it’s only being released in Asia for the time being…. Anyway, I am typing this up on my HP Envy X2 (yeah, I got me a Windows 8 convertible – go figure. It’s not the best around, but I have my reasons for getting this particular model) and after tomorrow, provided there are some in stock, I will be blogging from my new phablet. I’m already enjoying my new LG HBS-730 headphones. Don’t believe all the negative reviews on Amazon. Granted, I’ve not experienced the 700’s but for $50, you can’t beat the price:value ratio. I purchased mine from Radio Shack @ $69.99 for the fact that if these buggers performance worsens while using with the Note 3 (I currently have these headphones paired to my iPhone 4S and iPad 3), I still might return them. If I picked them up from Amazon, I may not be able to exchange them with as much ease as simply returning them at the store I physically purchased them from.

Speaking of price:value ratio, the headphones I’m replacing are my Porta Pros that I picked up from K-Mart for…. I want to say $35 but I think I paid closer to $38. It doesn’t matter. They sound phenomenal as I expected. Thanks to the high recommendation from @Audiophiliacman, @MalusBrutus and CNet’s 404 Podcast.

You see? So many great tech experiences I have been to busy enjoying, instead of blogging about. But before I get ahead of myself, I will break here. I will continue my journey from my phablet as I stated before. After all, I gotta squeeze all the use out of that S-Pen that I can.

(hello – why does the time stamp of the autosave say 5:35 am? It’s 10:30pm where I am…)


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