Easy Come, Easy Go…

So this is my first evening without the iPad. Aside from a minor flub, post jailbreak, the darn thing worked like a charm. As much as I wanted to find fault with it, all I really did was enjoy the heck out of it. It was in my possession for the greater part of a week and I finally got it working the way I liked it. Yeah I know. I got a little attached to it. But I’ll get time with it whenever I visit mom and dad. And when I get my hands on an HP TouchPad, I’ll be preoccupied once again.

In the meantime, I an get back to my Scrubs marathon, a la Netflix. Also, I’ve got to rent as many BDs as I can before September 1, when I’ve got to choose – disc or streaming? It’s a crock, besides. I think they could have at least waited until after Labor Day weekend to enforce the new payment plans. I mean, not everyone goes camping for Labor Day, and as an act of good faith to their long-time customers (who got shafted with the 60% price hike), could have let folks indulge in movie marathons and such before they kiss their disc+streaming rentals goodbye.

Now, even if I end up enjoying the HP TouchPad, until Netflix creates an app (or some how Silverlight becomes usable on webOS), I will have to keep my hacked Nook to keep wathing Netflix. And I kid you not, going from Android OS to iOS wasn’t much of a stretch until I had to return to Android OS from iOS. It’s like going from DVD (480p) to BD (1080p) and back again. You BD fans can relate to that, can’t you?

Whatever. My brother upgraded to the Droid 3 over the weekend and I was less than impressed. The hardware is spectacular, but it’s running that dang Android OS, which I really hate using. I had a 7″ screen on the Nook Color and I don’t put many widgets on it. I have one home screen dedicated to widgets and I always ignore it. I can’t imagine being able to slap widgets all over several home screens on a 4″ (or smaller) device.

Ahh well. To each their own I suppose. If webOS dies before I can enjoy the next evolution of tech, I’m getting an iPhone 4. F*** 4G. I don’t want it. I use more than 6Gb/month as it is, from my Pre+ (3G). I an only imagine how much data I’ll use if I can get it more than twice as fast. I’ve been grandfathered into my unlimited data plan w/ Big Red. I will certainly be flagged as an abuser for sure, if I am put on a ligtning fast plan like LTE/HSPA+/4G…. Heck, I’m proably flagged as an abuser now :/

That’s all I care to say for now. I thought I’d miss the iPad, but I’m pleased to be back watching movies and I’m typing this post from my phone. There are not many thousands of apps in HP’s app catalog, but there are plenty that matter. That’s all I care about.

Netflix and Nook (B&N) apps. That’s all that’s missing from HP’s catalog for me. I picked up a Nook, and so of course I indulged in some Nook reading. So please HP, I don’t want to lose my books. But if you want me to devote my time completely to webOS, you gotta give me a way to read my books. I think Netflix has already been requested by the masses, so I’ll just give my +1 on that vote.

Wifey became bored with Rango. I watched it last night already. Time to seal it up and mail it back. I can still get a few more movies before the end of August and still stream more Scrubs in between rentals. So I’ll get back to doing my thing now…


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