Nook Color

Well, I decided I needed to give Android a chance so what did I do?I bought a Nook Color of course! But just like my iPod purchase, I needed just that “little extra.” What was it? I couldn’t tell you today. I think it was the price point and personal recommendations that saw me through this time around. You can call me a fanboy, or maybe I just have ADD. But i think i’ve been spoiled by WebOS. It’s the multitasking implementation that’s a bother now. Android allows for so much customization, it’s truly a tinkerer’s dream. But the interface is just as clunky and “fluid” as iOS. Rahul Sood speaks well of “multitasking/multiswitching” in a recent blog post. If I could figure out how to copy/paste with this hacked Nook, I’d post a link. But if you’re curious, I encourage you to google him and check his blog yourself. This Nook by itself really is an overpriced e-reader and if e-reading is all you’re interested in, I highly recommend the Kindle. My mom loves hers and it really is easier on the eyes than staring into an lcd screen.

That said… if you’re curious and daring enough, get the Nook and root it. It’s the only way you’ll get your money’s worth for such a device. There’s so much more I’d like to say, but i’m already tired of typing on this thing.

I’ve got my eyes set to the future, and on real tablets – HP Touchpad and RIM playbook. The iPad is a nice toy, but there are just some things I want to do with a tablet that the iPad just does not offer. It’s a toy masquerading as a production device. Although the price is right, the user experience, interface and lack of flexibility is not such that I desire.

I don’t have money to burn. So just as a smartphone purchase or getting/building a new desktop is a major purchase for me, so is getting a new gadget. I have a savings acct, just like I were 12 again (I just turned 36), reserved just for my toys. I save up for months at a time until I can afford to buy things I don’t need. So a tablet is my next fancy toy.

Anyways, I said I was done typing on this, and I am. iOS virtual kb is still the best. Too bad everything else about it sucks. All you Apple fanboys can suck my butt. The hardware is real nice and their products are solidly built. But it’s only a joy to use for those who don’t know any better. WebOS is truly a joy to use and it’s THE MOST INTUITIVE mobile UI that exists. Well, the gesture interface coupled with the card metaphors is hard to beat. Then again, it’s WebOS. So who gives a crap about a mismarketed, undersupported OS? I think Apple should have bought Palm for the gesture patents alone. HP sucks for not implementing gestures fully into their Touchpad. Synergy is what keeps me intrigued about their new tablet. RIM Playbook’s take on gestures keeps me interested in that (not to mention $500 @ Office Depot). I know. It’s less than half the size of an iPad but it’s equipped like the fanciest smartphone you ever saw. My next phone will be unsubsidized, and if you think I’m forking over $700 for an Android that’ll be the “best” for 3 months, you got another thing coming to ya.

There I go ranting again. I’ve got some gaming to catch up on until next time…


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