I’m Finally Playing With Gadgets!

So I’m finally playing with gadgets and I’m not writing anything about it! I can’t, I don’t have time! I’m too busy playing with gadgets!

I have, however, been smitten with the Galaxy Tab. I like what I’ve sen of it so far. It’s just that it’s way expensive! I suppose we can thank Apple for setting the price point of such a luxury. I don’t care what anyone says. Those tablets we’ve been reading about are all toys. The iPad is the biggest toy of them all. But what a great toy it is, no less.

I’m still bummed I’ve got to do without my most recent tech (luxury) purchase. And now I’m torn. I may soon be able to purchase another iPod Touch 4 but I haven’t been drinking Apple Kool-Aid long enough to feel a void where the iPod Touch once was. No, the I’ll feeling in my gut has to do with the actual parting of the cash I forked over. Some bonus money my wife was so proud to earn and share with me.

We’re not rich folks. In fact, I’d consider us just one month ahead of living paycheck-to-paycheck. Thanks to FPU and a shortlived business venture, we’ve learned to keep our spending within our means. But that’s a different story. One I’d be glad to share another time, in a different forum.

Anyways, back to this thing called “mobile tech.” I now wonder if I should join the early adopters of all things (Android) tablet? Or should I wait for later this year? It seems like I wait and wait… and wait. And when I finally give up and move on to something else, all that I’ve waited for happens the next day. That iPod was to be the first of many things I finally waited for patiently until it offered precisely what I was looking for. Then in less than a month, it was gone 😦 So maybe I didn’t wait long enough? I don’t need a tablet device, but it’s the type of tech I’d really like to move to. I already have a phone that does practically everything I’d ever want. For all you non-believers, I AM, in fact, speaking of my Pre+. As I stated in a previous post, I finally dropped some serious dough for the iPod Touch 4, only after extensive research of it and it’s current competitors. The thing that finally won me over was the the adoption of an official Netflix app and the realization that, thoug capable, Netflix would not likely come to WebOS, simply because of Palm’s dwindling popularity. BUT if any company was guaranteed to get such software, it would be Apple.

Allow me to switch gears here, a moment. Of all the companies, Apple tries their darndest to deny the masses their deepest desires, only to have content providers and others devs to try harder to get on their beloved platform. All the while, supporters of the less popular platforms are begging to get some little bit of the most mainstream content. Only to e left by the wayside.

Android is said to be rapidly gaining on iOS and is expected to surpass it in popularity quite soon. But Netflix, for example, still is not available for it. I’m sure the masses would be glad to risk “fragmentation” and the possibility their phone may not have the right guts to work with said app. Not everyone cares for VOD on their mobile device, or phone, as it may be. Maybe I represent a very niche group but I know I’m not the only one.

My point is, I went ahead with iOS for a few reasons. Those being 1.) quality of build 2.) variety of software available 3.) longevity 4.) use experience 5.) overall value (yes, I wanted the iPod Touch 4 for $200, but I figured $229 was as close as I’d get).

Nobody mention reputation. I don’t give a shit about Apple’s reputation. Ok, maybe a little. But not because it’s “cool.” I’m talking about the reputation of its solid architecture, its elegant OS and how their continuing innovations have changed the way we think about how we compute and consume media. No, value isn’t one of their innovations. Not when these things are designed to be disposable. What, no user replaceable battery? = disposable gadget.

Anyways… I got sidetracked again didn’t I? Dang… No I forgot what I was going to say completely. Damn you Jimmy Kimmel and your Skype Scavenger Hunt!

Until next distraction kiddies…!


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