Ahh, now I remember

I’m torn. On the one hand, I’m out $300 and some dishonest thief is enjoying my iPod and its extended warranty 😛 BUT in recent weeks, Apple has made two things possible that makes getting a replacement worthwhile (to me anyways).

1.) Extended warranties are now transferable between devices.
2.) Find My iPhone app is free and usable without requiring Mobile Me subscription.

Granted, the latter is only partially useful for the iPod Touch if it’s only connected to the web. But who’s gonna get that thing and *never* log onto the web…..ever?

On the other hand, I’m about to receive my annual bonus and tablet devices are coming full force, post holiday season. I’ve already mentioned I’ve been smitten by the Galaxy Tab. If you haven’t tried one out or have any qualms about it at all, head to a Best Buy Mobile store near you and play with the sucker. I hate Best Buy, but Best Buy Mobile so far is a tolerable experience. Go check out the Galaxy Tab. It’s really neat!

Anyways, I have no need for either the iPod or a tablet device. The main thing I’m looking at is access to the vast app store of either camp (Apple vx. Android). I don’t plan on jailbreaking the iPod, nor will I root the tablet (Android). If the WebOS tablet comes out in March, as rumored, I might be tempted to play with homebrew but if it’s anything like how the Pre/Pixi turned out, actual rooting won’t be necessary. Just a quick run of WebOS quick install (whatever it’s called) and I’d be free to play with any home brew there is.

But Apple set the bar high, and I’m not just talking about features and software. What I’m really referring to is the price point. There are several less pricey Android devices out on the market now. But it’s starting to become more apparent that to get a good quality device, one must spend $500+. OUCH. Seriously. It’s painful just looking at the number. Sure there are Archos devices that are way more affordable and there’s the “poor man’s iPad,” the color Nook. But to get the premium experience without paying a premium price is, for now, just a fairy tale.

I don’t want a new phone. I like my Pre+. I LOVE IT. Sure, I’m disappointed with how every day it seems that product line is going the way of the dodo. But WebOS is still recognized as (one of) the best mobile OSes around. Heck, while I had my iPod Touch, I got so frustrated because I kept trying to use gesture strokes to navigate the iOS interface. Shoot Apple, if RIM stole Palm’s gesture interface to make the Playbook look even more like a WebOS copycat, you certainly could use such an elegant method of navigation on your iStuff.

Where was I? Oh yes. I don’t want a new phone…. yet. My phone still works fine. I’ve learned to live with the keyboard quirks and it’s overclocked and stable at 500/720 Conservative. I don’t want a new contract, but I still want the benefits of the device itself AND the premium experience, When my phone finally breaks or Palm breathes its last breath by the time my 2-yr contract is up, my next phone (or communication device) will be paid in cash, and at full retail price. So phone or tablet (as of today), I’m looking at a $600 luxury.

Whatever I decide, I want to get all my holiday shopping out of the way first. I’m going low budget and analog this year (except for mom’s present – she loves her Kindle 3). It’s not so much cuz I’m cheap (cuz I am), but because the consumer tech biz is booming and the new year is just around the corner. There are plenty of bargains to be had.

I’m not rich. I’m just a working class guy trying to keep entertained. I think if I had more money, I’d be traveling more rather than watching people do so on VOD from my phone.


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