I see I’m going to have some issues….

I was SO into my last draft, yet I hadn’t saved anything yet. I was about to go on a full-on rant about a comment my coworker made about how Netflix streaming was the reason Block Buster was going out of business. *But* that will come later. NOW, I’m just pissed that my browser refreshes, seemingly at random times and my many paragraphs of blogging goes to waste… hold up, I’m slow to learn *but* I am learning (clicks “save draft”).

This computer is such a load of crap and has been a thorn in my side as long as I’ve owned it. Lenovo, this Ideapad Y510 is the shittiest piece of hardware I’ve every owned. But I said my *browser* refreshed randomly. What really happened was, while I was typing, I did as I often do – rest my palms on either side of the touch pad OR grazed the touch ad with one of my thumbs in combination with typing on the keyboard. There are other things I’m running in the background that I suppose could have contributed to the refresh, but I doubt it. Hold on (clicks “save draft”).

I’m currently running Ubuntu Karmic Koala. Dual-booting Windows Vista Home Edition (which came preloaded, and without a recovery disc I might add). I’d like to make a more permanent transition to Linux, while virtualizing Windows 7, but I can’t get a virtual Windows 7 64-bit to install (on my desktop). I run other flavors of linux (Mint on my wife’s laptop), which runs flawlessly.

Well, I’ve run out of steam cuz the movie I’m watching is over and I’m tired of griping about my craptop. I’ve got better things to do with my time, but I just had to get that off my chest. My sister-in-law decided to go against my recommendation (I dont’ know why people gotta do the exact opposite that I suggest), she purchased the successor to the Y510. It may be built better, but why take the chance? They’re built almost exactly the same, from the crappy casing (which has the infamous hinge-crack on the right side), to the chipset that doesn’t exactly like Linux (the audio is terrible, as it is built with 4.1 Dolby Digital I think, when running Linux). Hmmm… Didn’t I just say I was done ranting? I better stop while I’m ahead.


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